Our Company

SOJO Medical was founded in 2011 with a mission to provide new and innovative IPL system protection for medical professionals in dermatology and aesthetics. The Pulse auto-darkening eyewear was born of this mission. When Laservision USA acquired SOJO Medical in 2021, it did so with the goal of improving the Pulse product and better supporting SOJO customers with their extensive laser safety knowledge. As part of uvex safety group, LASERVISION is a trusted worldwide supplier of high quality laser safety products, technology and training to industries ranging from medicine to the military.

Our product

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is an effective method of permanent hair removal and photo rejuvenation of the skin and has grown in popularity as a treatment modality. IPL handpieces deliver high intensity pulses of non-coherent light, which typically range between 500 and 1,200 nanometers. This differs from a traditional laser, and requires specified protection.

The energy from an IPL flash presents a safety risk to the eyes of both the user and patient. It can cause acute and long term permanent eye damage. Long term users are at risk for cataracts and can develop severe eye strain and chronic headaches.

To combat these conditions, SOJO Medical developed advanced technology eyewear for IPL users. Unlike heavily tinted, passive IPL eye protection, the Pulse uses auto-darkening technology. This means it only darkens when the IPL flash is present, leaving users with a clear view of the treatment area. Laservision offers both the standard Pulse eye protection and the Pulse HVT (High Visible Transmission), which offers 20% higher overall visible transmission than the standard Pulse.

Our mission

We’re committed to providing exceptional service and to keep our customers on top of the latest safety innovations and information. Our customers are important to us, and we work to supply them with the best protection products and support available.

Our history and our people

Founded as Trinity Technologies in 1995 in Minneapolis, MN, laservision has grown into a leading global manufacturer of high quality laser safety products. Today, we’re headquartered in St. Paul and manufacture out of our 16,500-square-foot. facility.

Customer service is our trademark, and our Certified Laser Safety Officers are always available to share their expertise and guide customers to the products that suit their needs. We offer customization capabilities and our dedicated staff welcomes the opportunity to serve you in whatever way we can.

Our Values


The rapid development of laser technology always presents us with new challenges that we encounter with innovative products and services. Comprehensive know-how, long time experience and a motivated team offer the best basis to further expand the outstanding innovative strength of laservision and to fulfill our mission "protecting people" in the future as well.


We understand the needs and requirements of our customers in detail and orient our work towards them. On request we develop and manufacture customized laser protection products in close cooperation with our reliable partners in the industry. Starting with an individual product development up to a qualified advice: laservision is focused on the protection of human health - true to the company-wide brand mission of our parent company uvex: protecting people.


First-class quality that you can rely on - that's what laservision has stood for since 1987. Our well-established competence in technology and development "Made in Germany" ensures the quality leadership of our innovative products. Our laser protection products are subject to the highest quality standards, which are monitored with state-of-the-art testing and measurement technology. ISO-certified processes ensure the reliability, precision and persistence of laservision products at all times.
Especially in the highly sensitive area of laser protection, uncompromising quality is indispensable. The laservision brand will continue to meet this claim in the future - with innovative and high-quality products that you can rely on 100%.