Pulse XTR



The Pulse XTR is the latest advance from SOJO Medical in electronic auto darkening eye protection for use with IPL. The innovative wrap-around style greatly reduces eyewear size and weight for better comfort during long-term use. The patented Pulse active auto-darkening technology reacts electronically to the IPL pulse, darkening instantly to provide maximum protection. The Pulse returns instantly to the transparent state after the IPL pulse to allow clear viewing of the treatment area and accurate positioning of the IPL handpiece.

  • Innovative wraparoud sport styling and high-tech materials reduce overall weight and size for increased comfort and improved performance.
  • Eliminates operator eye-strain and headache often related to prolonged IPL exposure.
  • Full color visible transmision allows the operator to clearly visualize the treatment area, ne hair and skin color.
  • Advanced LCD and sensor technology improves auto-darkening speed and performance.
  • Glare reduction factor of 9 in the dark state. Provides continuous UV and IR protection.
  • 42 grams total weight makes the Pulse XTR the lightest auto-darkening eye protection available.
  • Protection mode is activated and clear state is restored in less than 1 millisecond.
  • Long life integrated battery. Includes carrying case, lanyard and microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • 2 year limited warranty.